Payment Plans

WorldWideMarkets affiliate program is designed to reward digital marketers with industry high payouts for referring Forex traders to WorldWideMarkets. Affiliates can choose to receive commissions under a CPA or Revenue Share model. Affiliates are also rewarded for referring fellow affiliates to the program.

CPA Affiliates

ONLY affiliates using online acquisition channels can participate in the CPA payment plan. Online acquisition sources include but are not limited to a website, a blog, social network pages, or youtube. Groups of experienced traders or trading advisers can sign up under the revenue share plan. CPA fees are fixed for every approved Qualified Trader who trades on a live account and has registered online within the last 180 days. The CPA payout depends on the qualified trader’s country of residence. For example, this month an Affiliate refers 15 traders from Saudi Arabia and 11 of those traders become qualified traders; under this scenario the Affiliate is entitled to 11*$500 = $5,500 in commissions.
Country1-5 new qualified traders per month6-10 new qualified traders per month>10 new qualified traders per month
GCC countries - Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman$400$450$500
Tier 1 countries - Australia, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, and Switzerland$400$450$500
Tier 2 countries - Denmark, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden$300$350$400
Tier 3 countries - Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Poland, Slovakia, and South Africa$200$250$300
Rest of the World (except US/United Kingdom/British Virgin Islands/Guam/United States Minor/Outlying Islands/North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Syria, Congo, Sudan)$100$150$200

Revenue Share Plan

The revenue share plan pays affiliate partners a percentage of the GR* (Gross Revenue) generated by the traders referred to WWM. Gross revenue equals the Spread revenue excluding bonuses and chargebacks. For example, if an Affiliate refers 11 qualified traders and those traders generate Gross Revenue of US$50,000 for the current month, the Affiliate’s commission is 60%* US$50,000= US$30,000
New qualified traders per monthMonthly revenue sharing percentage


*A Qualified Trader is a trader whose net deposits (which is all the deposited money minus all the withdrawn money) are at least 250 USD; and traded five standard round turns. A round turn is a completed trade of 100,000 currency units. *Gross Revenue is spread revenue generated by your referred traders excluding bonuses or chargebacks. For example: A trader makes 10 trades within a month and generates Spread revenue of US$100, US$200, US$400, US$500 and US$800 respectively. During the same month the Company gave this trader a $100 Bonus. Therefore, Gross revenue is (100+200+400+500+800-100) = US$1,900.

Referral program:

Affiliates receive 10% commissions from referring fellow affiliates to the WWM program.