General Questions

1Who is WorldWideMarkets?
WorldWideMarkets is a leading Forex and CFD broker providing traders of all experience levels the opportunity to trade Forex, Gold. Oil, global stock market indices and other CFD instruments with same advanced technology enjoyed by professionals.

We have adopted “Higher Standards. Better Execution.” as the tagline that most aptly describes the company’s mission to provide a highly secure online trading experience, in forex and other instruments, with superior trading execution. The loyalty of our long term customers and partners is testament to delivering on this promise.
2Who can join?
We keep it simple. If you are over the age of 18, you can join our network.
3Are there any fees to join?
NO. There are no costs or monthly hidden fees to become an affiliate at our network – it’s FREE!
4What is a Qualified Trader?
A qualified trader is a user that opens an account and makes a deposit of at least $250 and has completed 5 Standard Round Turns.
5Do I need to Have a Website or Social Media Page?
No. You do not need to have a website social media page (Facebook/Twitter/YouTube..etc). In fact, you don’t need to be an expert web designer or need to know coding any language (HTML). Although it helps – there are many alternative methods to promote WorldWideMarkets without having your own web presence.


1What are Payment Plans?
Payments plans are the types of commission plans we offer to get you paid for your promotional efforts with WorldWideMarkets.
2What is a Revenue Sharing Payment Plan?
Revenue Sharing – By using this plan your earn a LIFE-TIME percentage based on the total number of real money account you refer to us. This option is ideal for affiliates and introducing brokers who want to build a long-term partnership. You keep earning commissions as long as your traders keep trading. Provide below is an indication of the percentage of revenue share you can earn.
3Can I Set my Payment Information?
YES! You can set and edit your payment information in the ‘Manage Account’ page.
4What Payment Methods are Available?
We offer several popular payments methods to ensure you get your money fast! You can set your preferred payment method with your account. If you choose Neteller or Skrill, you will need to provide the email associated with your account.
5When do I get Paid?
We issue payments on the 28th of each calendar month.


1How do I promote?
You can promote WorldWideMarkets by utilizing the various Marketing Tools available within your account after you sign up.
2What is my Affiliate ID?
Your Affiliate ID is the ‘ID’ parameter used to track your account referrals and is used in your promotional links.
3Where can I find Marketing Material and Banners?
We have a wide array of marketing material and high-quality graphic banners available in multiple languages ready for your needs. You can find them under the, ‘offers’ page. Choose the material you would like to use within 'Creatives'. Simply copy and paste the provided HTML code onto your website, social media page or email campaign.
4Which Countries are Allowed?
Due to current trading regulations, there are some restricted countries that must be excluded from our network. We recommend you refer traffic from European, Arabic, Middle East, Asia, Canada, Australia and South American countries. Unfortunately, we don’t accept customers from inside the USA, Iran, Afghanistan and North Korea. To get the complete list of supported countries, please contact us.
5Promotion Credibility
We take our promotion credibility very seriously and apply protective measures against promoting our brands as “make money from home” or “make money online” as we believe such promotions would interfere with the credibility of our business. We wan’t to ensure that our internal marketing team and affiliates disclose the risks associated with Forex & CFD trading. To ensure this best practice, it’s important to provide a brief disclosure on your webpage stating this disclaimer.
6Who is the Target Audience?
Our brand trading platform is user friendly and easy to use for even someone who knows zero about online trading. Therefore, the target audience is usually males above 18 years of age. If you would like to get more targeted, focus on individuals interested in the financial market.


1Where can I view my Activity Reports?
You can access and view your real-time reports in your WorldWideMarkets Affiliates account. Simply log into your account and go the 'Reports' Page.
2What Types of Reports are Available?
There are various types of reports available for your analytical purposes. You can view account performance reports in the ‘Reports’ page.
3How Can I Verify my Traffic Link is Working?
When you generate a new promotional link or creative, simply click on it, and you will be referred to one of our brand trading sites. Go back into your account and view the impressions to clicks within your ‘Report’ dashboard. If the number has increased, it’s working okay and your ready to start promoting.